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Abengoa Water
Abengoa Water

Abengoa Water is leading Abengoa’s water business. It invests in and manages its own assets, while promoting and developing new products and operating proprietary and third-party advanced technology plants. These include large desalination projects in Maghreb, China and India and Western Africa for a total capacity around 1,000,000 m3/day

Abengoa Water also concentrates on R&D by dedicating significant human and economic resources to research projects. This know-how, boosted by Abengoa Water R&D Center capabilities and coupled with Abengoa Water previous knowledge in plants operation, enables the company to bring viable solutions on marked value-added projects which require specific knowledge while securing a return on investment.

Abengoa Water participates in ValueFromUrine to learn from novel water treatment technologies and contribute to their development. Abengoa Water will consider the implementation of ValueFromUrine technology on a wide as possible scale.