DeSaH BV (DeSaH)

DeSaH designs and contracts innovative and sustainable sanitation concepts. Since 2007 DeSaH has commissioned several projects based on the collection of concentrated waste streams from households and the sustainable processing hereof. Several technologies have been introduced by DeSaH for collection, transport and processing of waste streams, such as urine diversion toilets and vacuum toilets for the collection of concentrated urine and black water respectively and for instance thermophilic anaerobic digestion and struvite production for the processing of black water and urine respectively.

It is a main item of DeSaH’s strategy to further expand her knowledge and expertise on sustainable wastewater treatment technologies.

DeSaH is participating in various projects and co operations with partners like WETSUS, University of Groningen and Wageningen University. DeSaH joined Wetsus in 2005 and is a participant in the theme “Separation at Source” and "Resource recovery".