Magneto special anodes

Magneto special anodes BV (Magneto)

Magneto special anodes BV was founded in 1957 and is the original inventor and first manufacturer of Titanium anodes with electrocatalytic coatings. Magneto’s anodes are successfully applied in various industrial fields, like metal plating, cathodic protection and water treatment. Magneto has sales/design/manufacturing facilities in Schiedam (NL) and Suzhou (CN).

Magneto is a private owned SME. For some applications, Magneto is not only the designer of the anodes, but of the whole electrochemical cell. These applications are e.g. seawater electrolysis and water disinfection. It is a main item of Magneto’s strategy to further expand her product range with various types of electrochemical cells and Membrane Electrode Assemblies. This is why Magneto is participating already in various projects and co operations with partners like WETSUS and KEMA and several universities. Magneto started her research & development activities on MFC already in 2004 in a joint project with Wageningen University and TNO (NL).

Magneto joined Wetsus in 2005 and is a leading participant in the theme “Bio Energy”. In this cooperation, Magneto designed, manufactured and made available to the research team the world biggest MFC in 2009. It is a 4-stacked MFC, with 4x1/2 m2 MEA inside, including all required pumps, vessels, controls, and etcetera. Magneto was also involved in a joint 4-year project with KEMA (NL) and Technical University Twente (NL) to develop the MEA for a Redox Flow battery. Magneto acquired 2 patents from Wetsus and filed 1 own patent on MFC’s.