University of Minho

University of Minho (UMinho)

The University is located in the Minho region of Northern Portugal, a region with an extremely strong tradition of vibrant enterprise, essentially of small and medium-sized businesses. The University of Minho has 9 research centres which are financed and classified by the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology) as Excellent. The University also collaborates with 3 Associate Laboratories in the areas of nanostructures, nanomodelling and nanofabrication, as well as biomaterials, biotechnology and bioengineering. The successful internationalisation of UMinho’s research is shown by the rapid evolution in the number of ISI publications by its researchers, in the increasing number of European projects, both coordinated and participated in by UMinho’s researchers, in the doctoral and Masters’ programmes developed within the context of international partnerships (namely MIT-Portugal, CMU-Portugal and Harvard-Portugal) and the significant implantation of international knowledge networks in European, North American and Iberian American spaces.

UMinho saw a significant number of its research projects approved and successfully financed: 146 projects under FCT (PTDC, GRID, MIT-Portugal, Nano,), bringing the total number of such projects currently being carried out to 357; 11 projects under ADI – Agency for Innovation (QREN); 17 projects under the 7th Framework Programme (NMP, KBBE. INFRA, HEALTH), 3 of which are being coordinated by researchers from UMinho. A large number of these projects are developed in association with research teams from other institutions, both national and foreign, which is testimony to the University’s effective insertion in wide-reaching knowledge networks such as COST, Marie-Curie, INTERREG, among others. The research group on Environmental Biotechnology participant in FISCH4 project, has been recognized (through several International and National awards) for the extensive research work on the anaerobic biodegradation of lipids and long chain fatty acids.