wetsus new
wetsus new
Wetsus, European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology

Wetsus’ research is carried out within the framework of the Technological Top Institute for Water technology, which is part of the Dutch Innovation Program on Water Technology. The innovation program aims for the development of sustainable water treatment technology with a strong focus on export. Wetsus, operating as Technological Top Institute, takes care of the pre-competitive technology development within this program. Wetsus focuses on the research and development of entirely new concepts and on breakthrough improvements of existing technology. In both cases, an entirely new approach has been chosen whereby the basic principle is always the integration of various knowledge disciplines. Wetsus collaborates with 16 EU knowledge institutes and 89 companies world wide. The institute carries out multidisciplinary research performed by 50 PhD students that are mostly located in the Wetsus laboratories in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. In addition to collaboration between industry and universities, there is also unique scientific collaboration within Wetsus. Many scientific chairs cooperate in the program. Leading researchers from various universities and other research institutes can physically work side-by-side in the Wetsus laboratory. This unique collaboration brings synergy and new creativity to the search for new sustainable water treatment technology.

Bioelectrochemical systems

Bioelectrochemical systems were among the first projects of Wetsus. Currently, 4 PhD students are working on bioelectrochemical systems, and 4 PhD projects have been finished. These projects focused on hydrogen production in Microbial Electrolysis Cells, and electricity production in Microbial Fuel Cells and thus represent a great expertise for the success of the project described in this proposal. Wetsus research in BES technology let to 8 patents in this field.